Robotics Competition (FRC)


The Western Canada FRC 2017 Regional competition was a another great success!   We finished in third place (out of 50 teams) after the playoffs.  Lots of very good teams last year made for a tough competition!!

In 2018, teams coming as far away as Mexico, China, Poland, Australia, Turkey and the USA will converge on Calgary to test their mettle!


Engaging with other teams,  working out tactics on the playing field, plus 
observing the many unique design
fueled many 

ideas for this year.


The  2018 Challenge is called POWER UP.  It is played by two competing Alliances of three robots each on a 27’ x 54’  'field'.

The objective is to collect 'power cubes' and use them to control scales and switches.  In the last 30 seconds of the match, robots reach for a 7 foot bar and raise the robot 1 foot for bonus points.  There is a 15 second 'autonomous' period at the beginning of the match during which the robot programming is in control. During the last two (2)-minute and 15-second period, the robot is human controlled. 

Above is the 2018 competition animation with all the details.

                                      2018 ROBOT BUILD AND PROTOTYPING!