Robotics Competition (FRC)


Last year, we faced Destination Deep Space FIRST robotics competition.  We were unable to make it to the finals due to a broken system halfway through the match, but we have high hopes for this year!

In 2020, teams coming as far away as Mexico, China, Australia, Turkey and the USA will join together at the Genesis Center! 2020 challenge teaser video:


YouTube Video


This years Competition!


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The  2020 Challenge is called INFINITE RECHARGE.  Supported by Lucasfilm and Star Wars!  Alliances will form,
and the teams will each have to prove themselves in order to 
land the title of Champion.

YouTube Video

                                      2019 ROBOT BUILD AND PROTOTYPING! 

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maneuver with ball.MOV

deploy ramp.MOV

Ramp in action.MOV